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• As soon as possible. Especially if you want to schedule a long distance move. To schedule a move, it is best to contact us in advance according to the time intervals below:
a. Local relocation (volume of goods up to 20 mcb) - minimum 3 days before the date of relocation;
b . Local Relocation (volume of goods over 20 mcb) - at least 5 days before the date of relocation;
c. National relocation (in Romania) - at least 10 days before the date of relocation;

Smartmoving Logistics has been in the moving and relocation services market since 2011.

This is the first step in the moving process. Once you contact us by phone or email, a Smartmoving agent will travel to your pick-up location free of charge to determine with you what is the best solution for moving, after wich you will be presented our price offer for the moving job.

The duration of a move depends on several factors, such as the volume and weight of the goods, the distance the goods must travel, the time of year you want to move, and so on.

In general, the terms of a move are as follows:
a. Local moving (≤ 20 mcb) - ≤ 1 day
b. Local moving (20-40 mcb) - 1-2 days;
c. Local moving (> 40 mcb) - 2-3 days;
d. National Relocation (≤ 20 mcb) - 1-2 days;
e. National Relocation (20 - 40 mcb) - 2-3 days;
f. National Relocation (≥ 40 mcb) - 3-4 days;
g. International Relocation (≤ 20 mcb);
road transport: 3-5 days Ι air transport: 7-10 days Ι sea transport: 31-45 days;
h. International Relocation (20 - 40 mcb);
road transport: 4-6 days Ι sea transport: 31-45 days;
j. International moving (> 40 mcb);
road transport: 6-10 days Ι sea transport: 31-45 days.

The cost of the moving service is determined by several factors, but the weight, volume and distance between the place of loading and the destination of the goods are the factors of major importance.

We have listed below the factors that are taken into account in compiling a price offer.

a. Volume and weight of goods.
Depending on the weight and total volume of your goods, taking into account the distance between the loading location and the destination will determine what means of transport is needed to make the move. These factors are also crucial in estimating the costs of packaging and handling services.

b. Distance traveled
It is easy to understand why the costs for a move involving the transport of goods over a distance of 1500 kilometers are higher than the costs of a local move (max. 40 km between the loading and unloading location) or a move in which the distance between origin and destination is 400 kilometers.

c. Assembly, packaging and handling service
A complete moving service may involve dismantling / reassembling the furniture, either to optimize the volume of the load, in case of long distance moves, or due to the fact that the furniture is too bulky to be handled properly. Partial or total packaging of goods and loading and unloading of goods at destination

d. Other Determinants of Moving Service Quotation
The existence of the elevator and the floors from which the goods must be lowered / raised.
Need for a vehicle transport platform.
Temporary or long-term storage Moving very heavy objects (piano, various equipment, safes, jacuzzis, etc.).
Moving special objects, art or heritage.
The need to use an outdoor elevator.

The price of a move is determined by the complexity of the move service. In addition to the costs for basic services such as loading / unloading goods and transporting them, there are also adjacent services that involve: packing, assembling and / or disassembling furniture.

In order to reduce labor costs, you can choose to assemble and pack the goods on your own, or at least pack the less fragile goods. This saves a large part of the total cost of the moving service.
You can purchase from us all the packaging materials at a reasonable price, delivery to your location is free.

Surely! You can contact your Smartmoving agent at any time by phone or e-mail and he will give you the best advice and suggestions so that you can pack the items yourself like a pro. Of course at no cost.

Yes. Except for public holidays, you can schedule a move at any time. However, appointments that do not coincide with our normal working hours (Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00) involve extra costs, costs that represent the increase in work outside the working hours.

Yes. As of 2011 until now we have moved hundreds of pianos.

For national and international removals we charge an advance of 50% of the value of the relocation. The advance will be paid by card or by payment order after signing the service contract, and the remaining 50% will be paid (O.P) within 5 days from the end of the move, after signing the minutes of receipt of services. br>
Local removals can be paid by card, O.P. or cash upon completion of the relocation service.

We do not transport or store flammable gas or liquid, regardless of how they are bottled. Also included in the list of goods that cannot be transported are any kind of firearm, ammunition, substances or goods prohibited by law, paint, thinners and oils. You can find the complete list of prohibited goods in the "Terms and Conditions" section.

Yes. In general, our price offers also include these services, except in cases where the customer chooses to take care of the assembly himself, in order to reduce the costs of moving.

Surely! Although we also offer this service, in order to optimize the costs of moving, many customers opt for the do it yourself packing option.
You can buy from us all the necessary packaging materials, and we will deliver them free of charge to the packaging location!

With us you have the guarantee that your things are moved by serious and responsible movers, who will make sure that your goods will reach their destination intact. In an exceptional case, if you find that one or more of your property has been damaged, we assume full responsibility for the replacement or reconditioning of such property.

We have liability insurance for the service provider.

Our normal working hours are from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 18:00.

However, in special cases, we schedule moves outside of business hours, as well as on weekends.

We do not work during public holidays.

Currently, we have 11 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees.

During transport, your goods will be individually anchored and packed in blankets.

Absolute! At the destination you will be in contact with our team, and they will arrange the furniture in the indicated positions and will distribute the boxes in the rooms that you consider.

Unfortunately no. Available seats are most often occupied by the driver and movers. In addition, in order to avoid any kind of unwanted situations, we consider this option to be the most favorable.

F.A.Q Companies and Legal Entities.

Yes, we also move IT equipment. We can provide you with complete IT equipment removal services, regardless of whether we only need to move P.C. or full server, we can help.

Yes, we move printers, vending machines, photocopiers, plotters and any other office equipment.
In the event that the equipment is rented, we need the written consent of the owner to move it.

Of course, regardless of the weight and volume of the equipment or safes, we can offer you a solution for relocating them. Please note that we do not offer assembly service for heavy or precision machinery.

Sure. In order not to affect the smooth running of the business, many companies prefer the relocation service to be carried out during the weekend, so that on the first day of the week, employees can resume their normal work activity.

Yes, we also offer individual handling services; as the case may be, we can provide teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8 handlers capable of palletizing, loading and unloading any goods.

Upon request, we can also supply you with packing materials, pallets, pallet trucks or a manual forklift.

No. The only area of moving / transportation services that we do not serve is the one related to construction materials.
eg: BCA, glass, bricks, plasterboard, ceramic wall and floor tiles, stone, iron, any waste resulting from the arrangement of a space, etc.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or need a quote, please feel free to contact us!

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