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No matter where you come from or what destination you have chosen, we are here to help you move your belongings safely. Our international removals service includes: Dismantling / Assembling furniture or objects too bulky or heavy to move whole, packing goods in professional moving materials, road, air or sea transport, customs services and customs clearance support, transportation cars, moving art objects, etc.

Professional moving services

We have been present in the international moving services market for over 10 years, during which time we have gained experience and specialized in planning and execution of all stages of a move between Romania and UAE .

Together with our colleagues and partners we will perform the moving service in a professional, safe and economical way.

We offer complete moving and relocation services that include moving cost estimation and free planning, furniture installation services, appliances or any other object that needs to be dismantled in order to move, such as kitchen equipment, lamps or pianos.
Our team of professionals will carefully pack your furniture and goods in the best quality materials, will inventory each item and will load the goods in the truck, where we will provide them with protective beds and straps, so that they arrive intact at the destination. According to the client's preferences, we can organize the transport of goods exclusively from Romania to UAE and vice versa or in groupage.
The cost of moving will be calculated based on the volume of goods and the distance between the loading location and the unloading location.

Moving Process

From collective relocations and furniture transport to partial and complete relocations, we take care of your relocation. The city of origin can be, for example, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Arad, Iasi, Constanța, Sibiu, or any other city in Romania or UAE.

Cities in the UAE that are regularly served by the moving company Smartmoving:

Abu Dhabi
Al Ain

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